Österreich, Postfach 18
1181 Wien

T +43 1 479 2503
Schwarz Gail
Email: gail@gailschwarz.com
Web: http://www.gailschwarz.com
Adresse: 1040 Wien Heumühlgasse 14/42
Bundesland: Wien
Telefon (geschäftlich): 01 967 02 63
Telefon (mobil): 0677 623 747 13

Ausbildungsstatus: Mitglied
Graduation: Feldenkrais Institut, Wien 6 (2015)
Spezielle Fähigkeiten: Musikphysiologie, Sounder Sleep System®
Praxis: Music and Feldenkrais

Biografische Angaben:
Gail is a South African Musician who ended up studying in her home country, Switzerland and then Austria.  She is interested in helping people of all ages but has a special affinity towards musicians, performing artists and moms, although she likes working with anyone who is curious and wants to improve in some way.  She also enjoys making people's backs feel better, walking her dog and loving life; amongst other things.


Music teacher since 2000.  Feldenkrais teacher since 2015.  Mainly private lessons (functional integration), Group work (Awareness through Movement) on request.  Qualified Music teacher (recorder, saxophone and beginner piano) and Music physiologist (musicians' health trainer).  Sounder Sleep System® teacher and guest lecturer/presenter in Vienna, Zurich, Aspen and Johannesburg.

Unterricht im deutsch auch möglich.




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