Sophie Dingemans

1170 Wien Ortliebgasse 16/5

New Zealand 3 2010
Spezielle Fähigkeiten:
Working with children
Elixier, Neuer Markt 1, 1010 Wien
Biografische Angaben:
Hello! I am based in Vienna and have a full time working in Europe and the Nordic countries, and at times as far afield as New Zealand where I was born and raised. I specialise in working with children with special needs and have extensive experience working with children with a wide range of needs. My work with children includes partnering with empowering parents, caregivers and other educators and therapists. I also work with adults with a range of needs and interests in both individual and group settings. 

In addition to my professional Feldenkrais training in Wellington, New Zealand (2006-2010), I have been involved in wide-ranging post-graduate training and professional coaching and supervision, working with children; Advanced Training for Feldenkrais Practitioners with Theory and Techniques from Anat Baniel Method (sm) for Children (2013-14) taught by Nancy Aberle, and becoming a certified practitioner of the Jeremy Krauss Approach for Special Needs Children and Child Development (2014-15) 

I am now the assistant teacher at Nancy Aberle's current one year Advanced Training , where my responsibilities include directly supervising students as they work with children.

I have a background in dance and theatre and have been involved in helping people learn through movement since the age of 14, when I began to teach dance to adults and children. You can read more about me and my background on my website:


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